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What do the numbers 668, 1668 and 36 mean biblically?


Thank you for this interesting question about numbers in the Bible.

As far as I am aware these numbers do not appear anywhere in the Bible. There is a similar number that does appear once - in Revelation 13:18. This is the number 666. This is regarded by many as a reference to the Roman emperor of the time, who persecuted the Christians, because the numerical value of the word 'Caesar' is 666. Others believe that it represents the ultimate evil authority that will oppose God at the end of human history.  

It is important to realise that the Bible is not a mysterious book full of hidden clues for us to decipher. The Book of Revelation is exceptional in using numbers symbolically in accordance with ancient Jewish meanings that are sometimes quite obscure even to scholars. By and large, God has given us his word to let us know about Him and how we can have a proper and true relationship with him.

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