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Some people have inspired me to follow Jesus but getting to church is not an option for me. How can I learn more about Christianity and the way of life?


Thank you for your statement. It's great to hear that you have recently met Christians and that you were inspired to find Jesus.  Please can I encourage you to watch our main video and find out more about following Jesus:

Church is really an essential part of being a follower of Jesus. There are Churches all over the world so I wonder why you cannot attend one. Please think seriously about making the effort as it will be a tremendous help to following Jesus. If the problem is that you are physically unable to attend, I recommend that you contact a local church and ask them if they might be able to help you with lifts to church etc. I would be very surprised if the answer were no from a Bible-believing church. If your family opposes you going to church, then there are other answers on our site that can give you further advice.

Here are some practical tips for finding more about Christianity:

  1. Pray! (Also read about how to pray). You can browse through some of our previous questions on prayer.
  2. Read the Bible (Again read some previous questions about reading).
  3. Listen to UCB as you are doing and perhaps order the Word for Today also.
  4. Buy trustworthy Christian books.
  5. If you really cannot attend Church why not invite the Church leader to come and visit you?

The Christian life is a lot about community with God and his people. No one can do it on their own.

Please use our Interactive Answer Matrix and feel free to ask another question. Our helpful staff are praying for you and waiting to try and answer to you from the Bible, and will be delighted to tell you more about Jesus Christ the Lord, the Saviour of the world.

*All Scripture references are taken From The English Standard Version of the Holy Bible unless stated otherwise

*If anything in this answer affects you directly, then please feel free to call our confidential prayer line in the UK on 0845 4567729, where trained Christian volunteers will take your call and pray both for you and with you. If you are outside of the UK then you may submit your request for prayer on line at

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