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Why did God give visible signs to remind people of his covenants?


Thank you for your question about covenants and visible signs. 

As you identify, throughout the Bible, God has used visible signs as a way of showing his covenants between man and Himself. We might think of the rainbow in the sky, the practice of circumcision or of Jesus sharing bread and wine. 

We often think of ourselves as intelligent human beings, and indeed we are. However, in life there are many distractions and we may often forget many things. Some things, such as getting milk from the shops, may not matter so much. Other things, such as what God has done for us, matter a great deal.

God has given visible signs to remind us of what he has done.  

Every time Noah, and every person after him, has looked in the sky and seen a rainbow, they are reminded of God's promise that he will never flood the whole earth again (Genesis 9:13). 

When Jacob wrestled with God, he touches his hip joint, and ever since that day he had a limp (Genesis 32:24-32). Every time Jacob would get up and walk, his limp would remind him of that event and that God blessed him. 

Circumcision was a sign from God regarding the promise between Abraham and God: that Abraham's descendants would number the stars in the sky, and that they would be God's people. Every time the male descendants of Jacob got dressed, they would be reminded of God's covenant (Genesis 17:11). 

In the New Testament, the symbol given by God to his people is that shared in communion: bread, reminding us of Jesus' body on the cross paying for our sin, and the wine, reminding us that the payment was a full death through Jesus' blood being shed (Matthew 26:26-29). 

Every time a Christian takes communion, they are reminded of what Jesus has done for them. 

Do you know that Jesus went to the cross for you? He died on the cross, shedding his blood for the forgiveness of your sins and then rose from the dead to show his power over death. The free gift of salvation is found in Jesus (Ephesians 2:8) and is available to you today, if you will call out to him (Romans 10:13)! 

In summary, God has given visible signs to remind his people of a promise. Every time a person looks at the physical sign, they are reminded of God's goodness. The sign that God has given in the New Testament is found in communion: bread reminding us of Jesus' sacrifice and wine, reminding us of his payment for our sins in his blood. Salvation is found in Jesus and I encourage you to ask Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. 

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