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Can God help me find the money to live, take care of my family and pay to go to school?


Thank you for your very honest and extremely personal question. I can imagine that your situation is not an easy one at all, but I am glad you are asking what God has to say about it. I can assure you right at the start of this answer that yes, God does care very much about your situation, and He is certainly willing to help.

I'd like to start though with a very important question for you, and it is this: 'What has your relationship to God been up to this point?'

The reason I ask is this: the Bible divides the world into two kinds of people, those who know and trust God, and those who don't. Human beings are described in the Bible as naturally being people who are separated from God by our sin, and the wrong things we do. Sin takes many forms: lying, stealing, anger and jealousy to name a few, but sin at it's heart is an attitude of pride and self-sufficiency that means we think we can live without God. If a person remains in this place then the Bible describes them as an enemy of God, and speaks of the fact that a person, should they die in this place will be separated from God and all the good things He gives for all eternity. However, the good news is that there is a remedy.

The Bible also speaks of the fact that God sent someone into this world to rescue us from our sin. The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, was and is God Himself, and He came into this world 2000 years ago. He lived the perfect life that we could never live, and the Bible also says that on the cross He died the death that we deserved because of our sin, so that we could be forgiven. Jesus died in our place so that if we trust in Him, turning away from our sin and giving our lives to follow Him then He will grant us a new life, and bring us into God's family. Not only that, but He promises us a home waiting for us in heaven where all of the evil in this world is no more, and we can live with Him in glory forever.

Why do I say all this? I begin in this place because it makes a huge difference how you can relate to God. If you yourself do not yet belong to God, and have not trusted in Christ, then you can still ask God for help with your problem, and He is so good that He may help you by providing what you need, but there is no guarantee. However, the moment you put your trust in Christ you become God's child, and everything changes. Once you belong to God, you have His promise that He will always be with you, and that He will always provide what you need. Take a look at the two verses below, both spoken to those who belong to God:

For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 5:13)

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

What amazing promises these are, and what a confidence they should give those who are God's children. God will always give us what we need, He will always supply what we lack. All He wants us to do is to ask Him, trusting that He is listening, and has promised to answer the cries of his children. Another verse to consider:

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you". (Matthew 7:7)

So if you have, or if you will trust in Christ, you can be guaranteed that God will give you all that you need. He gave His own Son for your sin, demonstrating that He loves you with an everlasting love, and proving that you can trust Him entirely for your everyday needs.

It is important to remember that God promises to give us everything we need, not everything we want. He alone knows what you and your family need, and if that need is for an education then He will surely supply that to you. However, God does not always do things as we expect Him to, and He asks us to trust Him even when we don't understand. Should He not give you the education you seek, be assured He has another way through for you, a better way because it is His perfect way. I do not pretend for a moment that life lived as a child of God is an easy life; God may ask us to go through great suffering and struggle in our lives on this earth, but there are two things that will help us through these times:

  1. We know that for those who love God all things work together for good (Romans 8:28). We may not see this at the time, but in everything that happens to us God has a purpose in it, and is teaching and moulding us into the people who He wants us to be - this should give us great heart during the tough times of life.
  2. As we’ve already alluded to, there will be a day when God has promised that, for those who belong to Him, all of the pain and the suffering will end. The Bible tells us that when Jesus returns, He will make an end of all suffering, He will wipe away every tear from every eye, and will set up His perfect kingdom for the rest of eternity. With a guarantee of an eternal, perfect inheritance, surely we can endure the relatively small difficulties that we encounter in this life?

So, in summary I would urge you that if you have not already, that you put your trust in Jesus Christ. Trust Him to take your sin away and to bring you into God's family. Once you have done so you will know that you are never alone, and no matter what happens in this life, one day you will be with God in heaven.

Once you have given your life to Jesus, trust Him with every detail of your life, and bring every care to Him in prayer - He is always faithful to His children.

Here are some more Bible Verses for further consideration:

  • Matthew 6:1-34
  • Matthew 7:7-12

I hope this answer helps you to find peace with God through Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about what Jesus has done for you please watch the video on the main part of our site: Watch the video

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