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If you have been raped can you be classed as a virgin?


Thank you so much for your honest enquiry. We cannot tell from your question whether this is a personal situation, but if you know of someone who has been sexually abused or raped this is a crime. We encourage you to report this crime to the police.

There are two things to say about such a situation. The first is that physically, someone who has lost their virginity for any reason is not any longer a virgin. There is no implication of blame in that, but only a simple anatomical fact.

The second thing to say is that:

there is no moral blame attached to someone who has been forced to lose their virginity.

In other words, such a person is not guilty of a sin but has rather been sinned against. This is made clear in the Bible, where under the Old Testament law a girl who surrendered her virginity in fornication was guilty of sin but not a girl who lost her virginity against her will. The key Old Testament passage is Deuteronomy 22:25-27:

But if a man finds a betrothed young woman in the countryside, and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. But you shall do nothing to the young woman; there is in the young woman no sin deserving of death, for just as when a man rises against his neighbour and kills him, even so is this matter. For he found her in the countryside, and the betrothed young woman cried out, but there was no one to save her.

This case-study involves two facts about the girl: she is a virgin and she is engaged to be married, and so legally is committed to her husband-to-be under Old Testament law. A man finds her in an isolated place where her cries of protest cannot be heard, and forces himself upon her. A betrothed woman who betrayed her fiancé would be guilty of adultery, but this passage makes clear that the rape victim is not guilty at all. She is still a pure bride for her future husband.

In summary, the bible makes it clear that there is no blame that is placed upon a person who has had their virginity taken from them. God understands the situation and knows that there is no sin in the victim. Once again we encourage you to speak to the police if you have knowledge of any sexual abuse committed upon someone.

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